October 27, 2023

Election Notification for Executive of Delhi State Chapter of IRIA for the year 2024

The Annual Elections to the Executive of Delhi State Chapter of IRIA for the year 2024 shall be held through E Voting on November 28-30, 2023 (E-Voting shall remain open on 3 days from 9 am on 28 Nov to 5 pm on 30 Nov). 

The Chief Election Officer invites nominations for various posts.

The Election Notice including the Nomination form is attached. 

All Life and Emeritus Members who have paid their subscription till 30th June , 2023 are eligible to vote as per the constitution. The list of eligible voters (as shared by the Central IRIA Office) is attached herewith.

Warm regards,

Dr Ankur Goyal

Chief Election Officer

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