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Event Report Delhi Imaging Update 2023

Delhi Imaging Update (DIU) 2023 on 16th and 17th December 2023

Venue: AIIMS New Delhi 

The annual conference of Delhi state chapter of IRIA (Delhi Imaging Update 2023) was organized in collaboration with the Dept. of Radiodiagnosis & Interventional Radiology at AIIMS and was held at JL Auditorium at AIIMS, New Delhi on 16 and 17 Dec 2023. The overwhelming venue has capacity of around 1500 people and a large curved LED screen was put for optimal visualization from all angles. The event was attended by more than 100 faculty / awardees, 300 delegates and 75 trade members.

The first day of the Delhi Imaging Update (DIU) 2023 commenced with an engaging session of oral paper presentations, where postgraduate students showcased their research on a diverse range of topics. This platform not only allowed them to present their work but also provided a significant boost to their confidence, thanks to the valuable inputs from our esteemed judges.

Following the oral presentations, the first session of the day featured a mixed bag of topics, ranging from the role of ultrasound in liver steatosis and developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) to VIRADS and TIRADS. The session after the lunch break took a more women imaging-oriented approach, featuring lectures on fetal and maternal imaging.

The academic festivities for day 1 reached a culmination with an exhaustive panel discussion on PCPNDT, a topic of immense relevance in day-to-day practice. This discussion emphasized the critical need for thorough documentation to steer clear of legal issues. The panel discussion included the state nodal officer, Dr. Satyajit Kumar, Dr Deepak Gupta, Dr Prakash Lalchandani and team..

As the day ended, the much-anticipated Talent Fiesta & Gala Night unfolded, providing a refreshing and enjoyable break after a day filled with insightful lectures. The talent show featured a range of performances, including singing (Dr. Suvrankar, Dr. Jyoti Kumar, Dr. Neha Bisht, Dr. Alka Gupta, Dr. Rajnandini Dasgupta), solo dancing (Dr. Sundeep Mahani, Dr. Shilpa Saxena , Dr. Kavirajan K , Dr. Kavita Aneja) and band performances (Safdarjung Band-Dr Kriti Gehlot, Dr Nishu and group & AIIMS band-Dr Soham, Dr Suvrankar, Dr Amal, Dr Gurasis, Dr Krishna and Dr Sanil). However, the showstopper event was the choreographed dance performances and ramp walk show by the residents and faculty members of AIIMS New Delhi, alongside the president of the Delhi State Chapter of IRIA.

Bollywood danceDr Atin Kumar, Dr Stanzin Spalkit, Dr Rajendra Behara, Dr Krishna, Dr Lokesh, Dr Sneha, Dr Archa, Dr Sai Sangeetha, Dr Yashasvi , Dr Hema, Dr Ishwariya Dr Phalak and Aadya.

The Bhangra groupDr Deepak Gupta, Dr Ankur Goyal, Dr Amarinder S Malhi, Dr Harpinder, Dr Prateek, Dr Shivani, Dr Priya, Dr Nivedita and Dr Palak.

The Ramp walk by these dance participants was a real mesmerizing culmination of the talent fiesta. The Gala Night left a lasting impression on everyone present, and the evening concluded with a sumptuous dinner.

There was excellent attendance with more than 350 members enjoying the night!

Day 2 of the Delhi Imaging Update (DIU) 2023 continued the success and vibrancy established on Day 1, offering a diverse range of sessions and activities.

The morning began with a spotter session, followed by engaging scientific sessions. These sessions delved into in-depth discussions on obstetric imaging and prostate imaging, providing attendees with valuable insights into these specialized fields.

A refreshing tea break allowed participants to network and explore the trade area. Vendors showcased the latest advancements in imaging equipment and technology, fostering discussions on the forefront of innovation in the field.

The next session took a steep turn from predominantly diagnostic lectures, focusing on radiological interventions. This segment aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of interventional radiology practices.

Dr. D. P. Garg Oration:

A notable highlight of the day was the esteemed Dr. D. P. Garg Oration, conferred upon Dr. Varaprasad Vemuri, the President-elect of the National IRIA. Dr. Vemuri delivered an exemplary oration on ‘Skeletal Dysplasias,’ showcasing his expertise and experience.

Inauguration Ceremony:

Following the impactful oration, the conference transitioned to the Inauguration and Lamp Lighting Ceremony. Distinguished dignitaries, including Chief Guest Dr. M Srinivas, Director of AIIMS New Delhi, Dr. Deepak Gupta, President of the Delhi State Chapter of IRIA, Dr. Ankur Goyal, Secretary of the Delhi State Chapter of IRIA, Guest of Honour Dr. VN Varaprasad, President-elect of National IRIA, Dr. Ajit Yadav, President-elect of the Delhi State Chapter of IRIA, Dr. Raju Sharma, Professor & Head of Radiology Dept at AIIMS, the Organizing Chairperson Dr. Shibani Mehra, Immediate Past President and Dr. Sanjeev Sachdeva, treasurer, Delhi State Chapter of IRIA graced the stage.

The ceremony commenced with a welcome address by Dr. Deepak Gupta, followed by insightful addresses from Dr. Raju Sharma, Dr. VN Varaprasad, and Chief Guest Dr. M Srinivas. Subsequently, the Secretary General of Delhi IRIA, Dr. Ankur Goyal, presented the annual report, marking a significant moment as it brought together key figures in the field of radiology.

Award Distribution Ceremony:

The event proceeded to the prestigious Award Distribution Ceremony, recognizing excellence in the field:

  • Sh SP Gupta Memorial IRIA Delhi Lifetime Achievement AwardDr. Karuna Taneja, Consultant Radiologist, Max Hospital Saket Delhi.
  • IRIA Delhi Lifetime Achievement AwardDr. MK Narula, Former seniormost Faculty at MAMC and LHMC.
  • Distinguished Services Award:

Ø  Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, Director of Radiology Services at Max Healthcare.

Ø  Dr. Ravi Shankar Solanki, Prof and Head, Dept of Radiology, Lady Hardinge Medical College.

  • Academic Excellence Award:

Ø  Dr. Nidhi Goyal, Senior Consultant Radiology, Apollo Hospital New Delhi.

Ø  Dr. Anjali Aggarwal, Consultant Teleradiology Solutions.

  • President Appreciation Award:
  • Dr. Abhinav Jain, Professor & HOD at Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences.
  • Dr. Shaili Tomar, Professor, LHMC, Delhi.
  • Dr. Munish Guleria, Professor, ABVIMS and Dr. RML Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Dr. Stanzin Spalkit, Assistant Professor, AIIMS New Delhi.
  • Dr. Krishna Kumar RG, Senior Resident, AIIMS New Delhi. 

Sh SP Gupta Memorial Gold Medal for the Best (Radiology) PG Student in Delhi for the Year 2023Dr. Neha Baijal from AIIMS.

The ceremony concluded with the felicitation of Dr. Deepak Gupta for his outstanding contribution to the cause of Radiology and the IRIA society during his tenure as the President of the Delhi State Chapter of IRIA. Dr. Ankur Goyal, Secretary of Delhi State Chapter, extended the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants for their invaluable contributions to the success of the event.

Lunch Break and Lecture Session:

After the sumptuous lunch, the participants reconvened for the final lecture session of the day. Dr. Raju Sharma moderated this session, leading an engaging discussion on faculty approach to selected cases. This session was unique showcasing Faculty members case presentation, guiding delegates on effective case approach and analysis.

The culminating moments of the day were marked by a dignified Prize Distribution Ceremony and the convening of the General Body Meeting (GBM).

Prize Distribution:

The ceremony acknowledged the exceptional contributions of participants in the e-poster, oral presentations, and spotters sessions. A total of 36 oral presentations, 27 e-poster presentations, and approximately 100 delegates engaged in the morning spotter session on Day 2.

Oral Paper Presentation Awards:

3rd Prize: Dr. Bharati Shringi from UCMS & GTBH.

2nd Prize: Dr. Sanil Garg from AIIMS.

1st Prize: Dr. Meemansa Jindal from MAMC

Poster Presentation Awards:

3rd Prize: Dr. Saumya Negi from GB Pant.

2nd Prize: Dr. Priya Setia from AIIMS New Delhi.

1st Prize: Dr. Harshita Arora, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi.

Spotters Session:

2nd Prize: Dr. Shrea Gulati from AIIMS.

1st Prize: Dr. Stuti Chandola from AIIMS.

Surprise Awards:

Additionally, three Surprise Awards were presented to:

1st Registrant: Dr. Nikhi Kumar (RML).

101st Registrant: Dr. Utsav Rajvanshi (SJH).

201st Registrant: Dr. Amit Gupta, Consultant, Kailash Noida.

Lucky Draw:

The event concluded with a thrilling Lucky Draw, featuring three fortunate recipients selected from the entries at the trade stalls. Each recipient was presented with a prize, adding an element of excitement and engagement to the event.

The Prize Distribution Ceremony not only celebrated academic excellence but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among participants, making it a fitting conclusion to the eventful day. Following the ceremony, the General Body Meeting convened to discuss matters of organizational importance and future endeavours.

In summary, the entire conference was a resounding success, combining academic excellence with moments of joy and celebration.

The link to the full collection of photos is in the attached pdf

PFA few snapshots of the event in the attached pdf

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