November 27, 2023

IRIA Delhi Election 2024

Instructions for IRIA Delhi Elections from 28-30 Nov

  • IRIA Delhi online election shall be held from 28th November 2023 (09:00 AM) to 30th November 2023 (5:00 PM).
  • The election will be for the position of Vice President. There are 3 candidates for 2 posts. Voters can select a minimum of 0 (Abstain) and a maximum of 2 candidates. 
  • Encrypted Unique Voting Link will be delivered by both Email &/or SMS (as per central IRIA records) on 28th November 2023 at 9 AM (Start of election) to all the eligible voters
  • The voting link will be valid for the duration of the election until the vote is successfully cast by the voter or until the time of the election is over.
  • Each person can vote once using one internet connection (from a single IP address). If another person wants to vote, they must use either mobile data or a different internet connection / modem.
  • For any technical support, members may contact helpline number 9911775626 (9 AM to 6 PM) or drop an email to
  • Though the e-voting process is fairly straightforward, the members can refer to the voting guide (in the attachment) in case of any issues

Download Online E-Voting Guide

(Dr. UC Garga)                                                                                                                                       (Dr. Sudhir Gupta)
Member Election Committee                                                                                                           Member Election Committee

      (Dr. Ankur Goyal)
         Chief Election Officer

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