May 22, 2024

IRIA Delhi Event Report Monthly Meeting 4th May 2024, G B Pant Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research

Event Report Monthly Meeting of Delhi State chapter of IRIA Held on 4th of May 2024, Saturday at G B Pant Institute, New Delhi 

The second monthly meeting of the Delhi State chapter of IRIA for 2024 was held on 4th of May 2024 at the auditorium of GIPMER, New Delhi.

The meeting was chaired by the Vice President of Delhi State chapter of IRIA, Dr. Amita Malik.

The meeting was coordinated by Dr Kalpana Bansal, Associate Professor, Department of Radiodiagnosis, GIPMER and the entire department (under the leadership of Dr. Poonam Narang) was present in full strength. The meeting started with sumptuous buffet lunch and the clinico-radiological meeting began at 2.30 PM

Dr. Ankur Goyal, secretary of the Delhi State chapter welcomed the esteemed members and shared the exciting news about the enthusiastic participation of the young radiologists in the monthly meeting with a record breaking 30 abstracts being submitted for the May meeting, out of which 12 had been selected for presentation.

The chief guests Dr. Poonam Narang, Dean, MAMC and Head, Department of Radiodiagnosis, GIPMER as well as Dr. Anil Aggarwal, Head of Gastrointestinal Surgery Department & Director, GIPMER were welcomed by Dr Deepak Gupta, Immediate Past President, Delhi IRIA & Dr. Amita Malik, Vice-President.

This was followed by case presentations by residents which were judged by senior radiologists of the city including Dr. Rajesh Gothi (Holy Family Hospital) and Dr. Suvira Gupta (ex Head of Radiodiagnosis at GB pant). An interesting spotter session was conducted by Dr Anju Ranga and Dr Pranav Gupta (Assistant Professors at Department of Radiodiagnosis, GIPMER) which included an alluring gamut of cases ranging from head to toe!

The following presentations were done:

  1. Dr Saumya NegiI, PG3, GB PANT HOSPITAL

 Unravelling the imaging mysteries of skull and CNS Lymphoma

  1. Dr Yashaswi singh, PG3, AIIMS New Delhi

An interesting case of CNS Sparganosis

  1. Dr Guruling, PG2, LHMC

Congenital diaphragmatic hernias and associated complications- Case series

  1. Dr Supriya Kaur, PG1, VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital

Implication of modified Lodwick-Madewell type IIIA bone lesion and its correlation with dynamic contrast MRI

  1. Dr Yogesh Shardul, PG2,  LHMC

Generalized lymphatic anomaly in children with multiple lytic lesions

  1. Dr Saloni Jain, PG 3, GB PANT HOSPITAL

Beyond boundaries- Decoding the radiological patterns of parasellar masses

  1. Dr Aditi Raj,  PG 3, VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi

Ultrasound imaging findings differentiating uterine submucosal polypoid leiomyomas from endometrial polyp

  1. Dr. Meemansa Jindal, PG2, MAMC

The ‘tracts’ less traveled: exploring cranio-vertebral junction pathologies through diffusion tensor imaging

  1. Dr. Aman Mathur, PG3, GB PANT HOSPITAL

Balo concentric sclerosis: A rare demyelinating disease

10. Dr. Srijan Utkarsh, JR, Holy Family Hospital

A case of massive lower GI bleeding in a young adult

  1. Dr. Sanchit gupta, PG,  MAMC

Demystifying upper limb neurosonography

  1. Dr. Dhinesh kumaar, PG, VMMC and Safdarjung hospital

A rare case of parosteal lipoma

The winners of the case presentation and spotter session were as follows:

Case Presentations

1st Prize Dr Aditi Raj, VMMC

2nd Prize Dr Aman Mathur, GIPMER

3rd Prize Dr Saloni Jain, GIPMER

All the presenting residents were given certificates and will be given complimentary registration to the annual conference of Delhi State Chapter of IRIA (DIU 2024).The best presentation (Dr Aditi Raj) will be given sponsorship for the annual conference of national IRIA (AOCR 2025). All the presentations were exemplary, making the judges’ task really daunting!

Spotters Session (Winners of the quiz session were awarded certificates and gifts)

1st Prize Dr Saumya negi, GIPMER

2nd Prize Dr S Dhinesh Kumaar, VMMC

3rd Prize Dr Rahul John, RML

There was a brief introduction to the SonoSummit for the residents delivered by Dr. Anjali Prakash, Director Professor, Department of Radiodiagnosis, MAMC & Dr Natasha Gupta, Vice-President, Delhi IRIA.

The Meeting ended with a Vote of Thanks by the Secretary, with special thanks to the Dean MAMC, and all executive members of Delhi State chapter for their presence and active participation in the meeting.

The meeting received an overwhelming response and was attended by approximately 100 members including radiology residents, faculty and practicing radiologists.

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